A Minimalist Holiday

A breath of calm.

Don't we all wish the holidays were a little bit easier, less hectic, and more simple? 

Before the hustle & bustle begins, order some basic supplies you usually need, like paper, tape, lights, and hooks.  Just let go of at least one of your traditions.  Putting lights up, going ice skating, baking cookies and sending out a holiday card are all OPTIONAL.  It's OK to do less if it makes you happier.  

When it comes to decor, many of us feel stressed as we attempt to create intricate & complicated displays in our home. This year, consider embracing a more minimalist approach.  It's easier and looks sophisticated and beautiful.  Here are some tips for creating minimalist holiday decor using the bare minimum.  

1.  Twinkly lights.  Glittering, star-like fairy lights are one of the most beautiful things about the holidays.  Let the lights stand alone, or add them to a garland.

2.  "Trim" the tree (literally) & cut some branches off.  Add a few ornaments if you wish.  Voila!

3.  Bend reality.   Instead of buying an actual Christmas tree, make the shape of a tree using small branches or ribbons.  It's less expensive and more poetic.  

4.  Use an unexpected color.  Don't be afraid to swap the red, green & blue, for black, orange or pink.  

5.  Pinecones make an easy garland.  They are covered in scales which attach to a piece of twine.  

6.  Don't forget the most important thing - yourself.  Spend an hour taking a bath with one of Muse's Herbivore Botanicals products.  Feeling refreshed and loved is the most wonderful gift.