Meet Sophia...

I grew up in a family of artists in West Marin, CA, where the rolling hillsides and wide-open spaces were the background to many of my early ponderings. As an adult, I was lucky enough to work in New York City, first at a jewelry design company and then later, in the curatorial department of a major museum. Since returning to Northern California over ten years ago, I have been creating my own artwork, teaching yoga and raising my family. For the past few years, I have been learning to simplify my life, using minimalist and yogic principals to uncover the things that truly matter.

Muse is born from my desire to combine the minimalist aesthetic with the West Coast lifestyle.  I saw that modern design was missing in Marin, and that's why I chose San Anselmo. Muse offers fresh, light, pared-down design from home accessories and small furniture to custom-made handbags and jewelry. Everything about Muse speaks to my love of fashion, art, and design, and each item is carefully hand picked by me to reflect the overall aesthetic.